15 Oct

It is no surprise, with the popularity of online betting in India, that it would cause many people to become interested in betting sites. This guide is made by players, for players. We've been reviewing sites ever since the online online betting sites  industry was in its beginnings. They have lower overheads, and they make use of major gambling exchanges which reduce bookmaker’s profit margins and shift numbers in your favor. 

Is online betting sites  Safe? 

Are online casinos safe to play at? Yes, you will find that the vast majority of online casinos are completely safe places for you to play. There are some rogue casinos though (often seen on our blacklist). To avoid them, always play at one of the online casinos we recommend.

Can I bet online in India ? 

Yes, online betting is legal in India. There are no national laws that prohibit Indians from engaging in online betting. Indian states may formulate their own gambling laws, and some states may have more restrictive laws. However, in the grand scheme of things, online betting remains legal in most of the country. 

Most interesting betting sites in india : 

Betindi :

Betindi We will now take a look at the good things, as well as the bad things, so you can get an idea if Betindi is the right betting site for you or not. We will now compare Betindi to a few other betting sites in India, so you can understand how they stack up against the competition. Betindi has separated esports from the rest of the sportsbook and made it super fun and convenient to bet on esports. 

Mahadev book:

Mahadev Book is one of the most popular and well-established betting sites in the world. They have a huge amount of fans due to their simple and user-friendly betting platform which is great for beginners, as well as for the more advanced bettors. Mahadev book is a trusted betting sites from India with a long track record of providing some of the best betting odds on the market to players all over India . 

Rabona :

Rabona is one of the most recent betting sites to open its doors to Indian players. They are characterized by a highly modern and polished betting platform that gives players access to some really nice features. Rabona is a new betting site and they have lots of good attributes about them. For example, their betting platform is incredibly modern, fast and easy to navigate, even for beginners.

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